Is Dark Chocolate Good for You?

Is Dark Chocolate Good for You

Other foods are just food. But chocolate is chocolate. (Patrick Skene Catling) Dark Chocolate is Popular, but is it Good for You? Once clear sign of Dark Chocolate’s popularity? The global market for dark chocolate is growing at 8% yearly, two percentage points faster than milk chocolate, which is increasing at 6%. There’s more to […]

2024: A Blueprint for an Unhappy Year

(Un)Happy New Year, The Good Chocolate Lovers! Let’s be honest: resolutions are over-rated. Where did we get this weird fantasy that on a random day of the year, just because the calendar turned, we can wave a magic wand and change our lives? I’m calling B***s***.  Instead, for 2024 I got inspired by one of […]

The Road to a Healthier You: A Conversation with Julian Ribinik

In Episode 5 of the Better Be Good vlog we sat down for an insightful conversation with Julian Ribinik, a KETO nutritionist and fitness trainer who is passionate about helping people achieve their health and fitness goals. In this upcoming vlog interview, Julian shares his personal journey, health and nutrition insights, and tips for a […]

Celebrating our 5000 year love affair with chocolate

Today, chocolate is enjoyed around the world but its long history is uniquely global. Here’s a salute to chocolate’s roots in 8 stops:) 1. An Ancient Habit (3500 BCE) Humans have been enjoying chocolate (or to be exact, cacao, the seed of the cocoa tree) for a very long time – 5,000 years to be […]

Low FODMAP: The Comprehensive Diet for Stomach Troubles

It’s IBS Awareness month in April!  Huh?   While some of you may know The Good Chocolate is the first zero sugar chocolate to be certified FODMAP-friendly – most of you are probably wondering just what the heck are FODMAPs! Is it some kind of new diet or weight loss fad? While the low FODMAP diet […]

Women Who Inspire Us: Spotlight on Entrepreneurship

In celebration of the close of March 2022, Women’s empowerment month, we spoke with 2 successful entrepreneurs we know well, Gigi Ashworth, Certified Nutritionist, Keto Expert and Author, and one of our local heroes, Kellie McCord, co-founder of Mission Blue coffee, about their inspirational journeys toward starting their own business. Gigi Ashworth Certified Nutritionist, Author […]

5 Ways to Supercharge Your Love Life

Valentine’s Day is usually filled with chocolate, romance or candlelight dinners. These are traditional (and often, last minute 😉 ways to show love. But what do we do the rest of the time?  Here are 5 suggestions for the rest of the year (and Valentine’s too 🙂 About 10 years ago a friend of mine […]

5 Ways to Keep Your New Year Resolutions Strong

Living a healthier lifestyle can be looked at from many different angles- what we eat, how we sleep, if and how much we’re working out, etc. Our goal is to slowly incorporate small changes in our day-to-day life to make the dream of a healthier lifestyle a reality in the making!