100 Good Coins are worth $1

About Good Coins

Good Coins are little rewards you collect every time you purchase from The Good Chocolate, or do other cool things like leave product reviews or refer new friends.

Convert your Good Coins into discount coupons for real savings at The Good Chocolate store. 

Every 100 Good Coins equals $1 in savings. 1000 Good Coins translates to $10, and there’s no limit to the amount of Good Coins you can earn. 

It’s easy to convert your Good Coins into savings inside your account page or instantly at checkout.

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5 Simple Ways to Earn:

1. Buy some Chocolate

Get 5 Good Coins for every dollar spent on our website.

2. Sign up for an account

Get a 500 Good Coins bonus when you create an account.

3. Leave a review

Get 250 Good Coins for every product you review.

4. Refer a Friend

You and your friend get 800 Good Coins when they make their first purchase.

5. Celebrate your birthday

Add your bday to your account and get 1,000 Good Coins as a birthday gift.

About Good FAQ

Good Coins are like reward points. You earn them when you make purchases in The Good Chocolate store and other cool things. You can collect Good Coins in 5 easy ways.



  1. You earn 5 Good Coins for every $1 you spend in our online store. A $40 purchases nets you 200 Good Coins.
  2. You can earn 250 Good Coins every time you review a product that you’ve purchased. There is a limit to one review per product, but you can review as many products that you’ve tried.
  3. You cam earn 500 Good Coins when you sign up for an account at The Good Chocolate store. This just means creating a password for the email you used to buy chocolate. If you already have an account, this won’t apply.
  4. You cam earn 800 Good Coins when you refer a friend to The Good Chocolate and they buy something. Both you and they earn 800 Good Coins – which is enough for a free chocolate bar on us! We appreciate you spreading the word. And you can refer as many friends as you want. Be sure to use the unique referral link in your Good Coins account page.
  5. You can earn 1000 Good Coins just for being born … every year! It’s a way for us to celebrate and show our appreciation for you. Be sure to add your birthday to your Good Coins page so we know when to send your special birthday coinage!

Your Good Coins are convertible into discount coupons worth real savings at The Good Chocolate online store.

You can convert a minimum of 100 Good Coins into a $1 savings coupon. Simply apply the coupon at checkout to receive $1 off. 

There’s no limit to the number of Good Coins you can earn or spend. For example, turn 10,000 Good Coins into $100 discount.

You can convert Good Coins into a discount coupon in your Good Coins account dashboard, or in the online Shopping Cart or Checkout page.

Good Coins expire after 90 days. 

You have plenty of time to convert your Good Coins into discount coupons and order more chocolate within the 90 day validity time frame.

Good Coins are not transferable. 

You can always give 800 Good Coins to a friend when you refer them to The Good Chocolate for their first purchase, or send a gift card.

Discount coupons from Good Coins must be used with the same email address that issued them.