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Dark Chocolate with Coconut Turmeric / 2.5 oz (70 g) 

  • Turmeric spice, toasted coconut flakes and delicious dark chocolate – a luxurious sweet and spicy flavor combination that’s an exotic treat
  • Zero Sugar (not a low calorie food) 
  • Keto Friendly
  • Certified FODMAP-friendly
  • Lower Net Carb than 65% chocolate with sugar (Net Carb = Total Carb – Fiber – Erythritol) 
  • Vegan with Plant-based Sweeteners
  • Bean-to-bar quality – made from select blend of organic cacao beans and organic processed cocoa

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Dark Chocolate with Coconut Turmeric / 2.5 oz (70 g)

Charlotte McKinney dared us to make a healthier chocolate bar (Please thank her 🙂

  • TURMERIC SPICE PAIRED WITH TOASTED COCONUT FLAKES – a sweet and spicy exotic flavor combination paired with delicious dark chocolate
  • LOWER NET CARB  than 65% chocolate with sugar (Net Carb = Total Carb – Fiber – Erythritol)
  • KETO-FRIENDLY AND PERFECT FOR OTHER LOW CARB DIETS including Keto, FODMAP, Vegan, Soy-free, and Low glycemic index 
  • VEGAN with PLANT BASED SWEETENERS from fruits and plants – Erythritol and Stevia.
  • MADE FROM BEAN-TO-BAR from select blend of organic cacao beans and processed cocoa butter
  • RECLOSEABLE ENVELOPE for portion control and sharing

Dark Chocolate with Coconut Turmeric contains 1 x 2.5oz (70g) chocolate bar

THE COLLABORATION – Detox is an important daily practice for a professional model and actor like Charlotte – these are tough careers where literally everyone scrutinizes how you look, sound and act. To constantly be your best, the body and mind need continual restoration and rejuvenation. Charlotte was looking for a zero sugar chocolate because sugar is a major cause of inflammation, skin problems and energy crashes. After Charlotte found The Good Chocolate at Erewhon in Los Angeles, she challenged us to develop an even better chocolate, something full of  superfoods. We agreed on the primary criteria – it had to be healthy & delicious. After tons of experimenting , dark chocolate, coconut and turmeric were a perfect combo!*

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Charlotte’s Website

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Additional information

Weight 2.5 oz
Dimensions 0.25 × 4 × 6 in

1 Bar, 6 Bar, 12 Bar


We sweeten The Good Chocolate with a special blend of organically sourced, plant-based sweeteners, including Erythritol, Mesquite Powder and Stevia, which gives our Signature Dark it’s rich flavor. There’s no refined, unrefined sugar or sucrose added to The Good Chocolate, period. Learn more about our organic Erythritol and its health benefits.

We source our cacao beans directly from processors and farmers in Nicaragua and Dominican Republic. We have a Direct Trade approach to building long-term relationships with bean growers to ensure sustainable growing and business practices for years to come. Beans are subject to quality testing, and of course must taste delicious.

Read more about our Direct Trade approach under the ‘fair trade’ FAQ below.

Yes, when you remove sugar as a primary sweetener, there’s no single replacement that does the job. We’ve created a special blend of sweeteners including Erythritol, Mesquite Powder and Stevia that create the perfect balance of sweetness, intensity and aftertaste.

We use Stevia in very small amounts only to increase sweetness intensity. It’s well known that Stevia by itself has a bitter aftertaste, especially when used in drinks like coffee; but you won’t experience that in our unique sweetener blend for The Good Chocolate.

Yes, many of The Good Chocolate customers make an effort to maintain “ketosis” by keeping their consumption of Net Carbs below 50 per day, or even 20.

The Good Chocolate helps people following a strict Keto diet stay on track thanks to its extraordinarily low Net Carb count of one (1) per bar for Signature Dark Chocolate. (Some of our other flavors like Almond and Milk have slightly higher Net Carbs).

All of The Good Chocolate flavors are certified Keto by The Keto Project. Whether you are really trying to keep your daily Net Carbs below 20, or following Keto guidelines to reduce your Net Carb intake, The Good Chocolate is the perfect chocolate treat.

Yes, many of The Good Chocolate loyal customers abstain from high glycemic foods and keep track of their blood sugar level daily and even hourly. The Good Chocolate offers a sweet chocolate indulgence made with lower glycemic sweeteners like Erythritol and Stevia.

To see how The Good Chocolate works for you, try eating a few squares of chocolate while using a real-time blood glucose monitor.

Yes, The Good Chocolate can be used to replace chocolate-with-sugar, one for one, while baking. Pro Tip: our chocolate tends to perform better at lower baking temps, around 300F and below. Check out our recipe section for some fantastic recipes and inspiration for baked goods, and other delicious treats.

The Good Chocolate is not certified organic. All of our key ingredients, including cacao and sweeteners, vanilla and milk, are certified organic. We have not yet applied for USDA organic certification.

Yes, our dark chocolate flavors are certified Vegan, with the exception of Milk Chocolate and Ethiopian Coffee Milk Chocolate flavors, which are crafted with milk and butter.

We are aware of the problem related to unethical sourcing practices by cocoa suppliers from around the world, especially with tenant farming in Africa. This is why we have chosen to source cacao beans through Direct Trade relationships with trusted bean suppliers in Nicaragua and Dominican Republic.

Unlike fair trade, Direct Trade ensures we source directly from the farmer or processor who works with farmers, cutting out any distributor or co-op “middleman”. With Direct Trade, farmers and processors are not required to pay high annual fees and dues to out-of-country distributors and certifiers. Instead, all our cacao payments remain in-country, and 3rd party costs are lower, which means farmers keep more of the price as profit compared to fair trade.

We believe Direct Trade is a better, more sustainable business practice than fair trade because farmers enjoy the same price no matter how big or small they are. Learn more about Direct Trade here.